Amani Centre CBO

We are a youth-led organization based in Garsen town, Tana River County, Kenya. Established in 2016, we exist to champion peace and development projects for minority and marginalized communities and groups.

Our Mission

Leveraging community-centred media and ICT tools for peace and development of the community.

Our Vision

A peaceful informed society where every voice counts and development advances.

Our Focus

Empowering Through Information


Empowering Through Information

Tana River County faces numerous challenges, including inter-ethnic violence, climate change impacts, poverty, and natural disasters such as floods and droughts. In the face of these challenges, access to information becomes crucial for making informed decisions and building resilient communities. Read More

Grassroots Solutions for Grassroots Problems

We believe empowering individuals with knowledge and skills is key to fostering resilience and sustainable development. We do this through our community outreach programs and digital skills training workshops. This way, the communities in Tana River understand how best to use available tools to develop local solutions to the challenges they face.

A Glimpse of Tana River County

The county is described as an Arid and Semi-Arid Land (ASAL) making up 80% of Kenya’s ASAL. Historically, Tana Delta has experienced insecurity, mostly, as a result of competition for natural resources, injustices, political incitement and hate speech, misinformation, and lack of information resulting in inter-ethnic violence mainly between farmers and pastoralists.