Building an Empowered and Inclusive Digital Future for Communities in Tana River County.


Our mission is to bridge the digital divide by providing youth, especially women and girls, with essential digital skills to navigate the 21st-century workplace. We believe that access to technology and digital literacy is a fundamental right that empowers individuals to unlock their full potential. 

Our vision is to create a future where rural communities have equal access to digital opportunities and are empowered to thrive in the digital age.

Our Story

The Kijiji Connect ICT Hub project is a community learning and digital centre that provides communities with internet access and comprehensive training in digital and information literacy, entrepreneurship, and essential life skills. 

The overarching goal of this initiative is to tackle the pressing challenges of inter-ethnic woes, poverty, gender inequality, and the limited economic prospects prevalent in the region.

Our Why

Many young people in Tana River County at the time of graduating high school, have not interacted with a computer. In today’s world where digital skills mastery holds the key to many learning and job opportunities, these young people are left at a disadvantage.  

The main challenges in accessing internet services are the cost of services, inadequate ICT facilities, and lack of electricity in some areas of the county. 

Our Solution

We provide free digital skills training to the youth, and internet access to people of all ages in Tana, communities that have been disadvantaged for years. The training will provide new avenues for economic empowerment by increasing trainees’ employment opportunities, and access to knowledge on ICT career paths. Access to the internet opens their view into the ever-fast-evolving world beyond their villages. 

Kijiji Connect Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Ending poverty and hunger (SDG 1&2), 
  • Education (SDG 4), 
  • Infrastructure and innovation (SDG 9), 
  • Enhancing global partnerships and collaborations (SDG 17)

Project Partners

Funding partners

New Zealand Embassy, Paradigm Initiative

Content/ Curriculum Development partners

LIFE Legacy, Build Up

Implementing Partners

Amani Center CBO, The Sentinel Project